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Tuesday, March 21 2017, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Host: David Ehrensperger, ehrenspd@erau.edu

Synopsis: How are we supposed to live?  What makes for an acceptable standard for leading a good life?  How is a good life related to good leadership? These are not mere academic questions.  The answers about how we are to live can affect our futures as well as the futures of those around us.  As a group, we have been trying to answer these questions for thousands of years, with varying amounts of agreement as to what the answers are. One of the few points of clarity in this long conversation is that individuals must answer these questions for themselves, living out the conclusions at which they arrive.  Those who answer the questions successfully can often articulate their vision of the good life well, inspiring and leading others. This workshop will explore some of the tools available for starting this journey.

LEAD Program Competencies: Ethics, Values



DLC 101

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David Ehrensperger

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Eagle Leadership Series, On Campus