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Tuesday, March 28 2017, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Host: David Ehrensperger, ehrenspd@erau.edu

Synopsis: All of us face stress in varying amounts and of different types on a daily basis.  How do we deal with it? It turns out that we deal with stress in many ways.  Some of the methods we choose to employ are healthy for ourselves and others, while other methods of stress mediation fail spectacularly in this department.  This workshop will be about dealing with stress in a healthy way, giving ourselves space to be who want to be rather than merely reacting to the conditions of our lives.  For those in leadership positions, it means being able to lead effectively even given adverse conditions.  Along the way, we might just discover something resembling inner peace as well as a potential route to happiness.  This workshop will include discussion and an introduction to basic meditation techniques. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes!

LEAD Program Competencies: Self-Awareness, Transitions, Wellness

DLC 101

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David Ehrensperger

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Eagle Leadership Series, On Campus, Workshop